How to get Google AdSense Approval very fast with a new blog (Guide and tricks)

Google AdSense is the leader of Ad Network organization. Every Blogger want to monetize their blog and earn honest money from it. But most of them be unsuccessful to get approved for AdSense, for a few or the other causes. I hope you are very habitual with Google AdSense program and shifting on to guide you some important Tips and tricks to get google AdSense approval very fast for your new blog.

how to get google adsense approval for website

Here is the tricks! How To Get Approved For google AdSense Fast?

1. Fresh and High-Quality Content:

The fundamental and initial condition for getting your blog or website approved for AdSense is content of your blog or website. Hear Content is the Emperor. Your website may get approved for AdSense in the first attempt, if your website has high quality content.

Unique and high-quality content is always a big issue to all search engine, so what is the means of fresh and High-Quality content?Fresh content means unique, simply, explicable and which written by self-hand. Rotating supplementary articles and duplicating doesn’t indicate a unique content. Articles including excellent images and video add large value to the articles. Generally helpful, deeply and easily comprehensible article is High Quality Content.

2. Domain Age:

Domain Age is not obligatory criteria to get approved for AdSense formerly. But for the reason of too many spam AdSense request “AdSense Team” decided to consider domain age as one of the most important issue to get complete AdSense approval.

If you have a well reputable website or blog with high class content, then you may get approval for AdSense with 2/3 months old domain. If your website is still increasing, then the age of the domain must be at least 5/6 months.

3. Site Design/Theme:

Effortless, clean and easily navigable site design is perfect for get AdSense approval. So take a look following thing fore make a good simple site Design.

    Easily Crossable Design.
    Interruption Free Colors.
    Easily reachable Search Box.
    Easy social Sharing keys.
    Internal linking to applicable posts.
    Menu Bar on the top.
    Google Plus Profile link.

4. Website’s traffic:

Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank doesn't major factor to get AdSense approval, but if you have good ranks website then probability of your submission getting approved will be upper doesn't. I will suggest applying for AdSense after receiving minimum 500-page views per day. At least 50% traffic from Search engines particularly Google. If you have huge traffic from US, UK and CANADA then it’s a plus point.

5. Quantity of Posts:

When your site has huge number of posts, it’s the right time for apply AdSense. It is recommended to have minimum of 40-50 posts.  If possible, I would advise you to have 100 posts to increase the probability of approval.

6. Carefully Read and Follow Google AdSense F.A.Q:

If you have no idea about Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. I advise you to read them A to Z.

7. Reapply After Making Essential modifications:

This is not the end, if your application once got rejected. You can reapply any times any number. By correcting the mistake which is indicated in the e-mail you have received for getting discarded.

Apply a clean application as a minimum after one month. Don’t apply in excess of one application at once time. Don’t want to get AdSense account in short of time. You may not earn a large amount, if you don't have good quality of traffic. You cannot earn huge of money except and awaiting your traffic achieve 1000 visits per day.


However, there are many extra ways, where from you can earn huge amount of money from your blog like Affiliate Marketing. But be first priority is AdSense account, because you can earn daily  few dollars in your account. AdSense is the most reasonable PPC program in the on line income market.


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