How to create Admin Widget in BlogSpot blog.

In my previous post I have show you how to remove the Blogger Navbar from the screen. For that reason now you don't have access to your dashboard, settings, layout and posts, because the navbar is gone.

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In this post I will show you how to add an Admin Widget to your sidebar.

Step 1: Backup your template

Though this is not a very unsafe modification, it is always good practice to backup your template before modifying it.

Go to the Layout click on Edit HTML-tab, and download your template as an XML-file and save it to your hard disk.

Step 2: Create an new Link Widget in your sidebar

From the Layout|Page Elements tab Add a Widget to your sidebar. Select the link-widget from the list. Set the title for example to Admin, and add 4 links to the list.

Dashboard           :

Change Settings   :

Change Layout    :

Edit Posts            :

New Post            :

In this links you have to change the ----------------- to the ID of your Blog. The easiest way to do this is to go to your dashboard, and view the list of your blogs. Hover your mouse over the links (Layout, Settings, etc) and watch the status-bar of your browser. You will see the link there. The easiest way is to right-click each link, copy the hyperlink, and paste it into the link widget.

Step 3: Save

Save the Widget and display your Blog. If you are viewing your Blog, clicking one of the Admin links will bring you to the appropriate screen. Visitors of your Blog will not be able to modify it, because they are not logged in to your blog. If you are not logged in, clicking an admin-link will bring up the Blogger login screen.

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