How to remove or customize the "Newer Post" and "Older Posts" links in blogspot.

In this article, we'll going to show you how to hide or modification the format of the "Older Posts" and "Newer Post" and "Home" links that are shown at the lowest of Blogger blogs with Layout or Designer templates. 

Why are the older and newer posts links used
Most designer and layout templates have links at the bottom of your page of blog posts that let readers navigate back and forward among the list of posts. 

This is basic to however a blog is meant to work:  you post often, and provides people the simplest way to induce back to previous posts. 

The pager-links are significantly necessary on pages that ar reached using the Label or Archive gadgets, which can show a lot of posts than you ordinarily wear your home page, or displaying in your blog.

But some individuals wish to get rid of them - and this is fine provided readers produce other ways in which of navigating round the blog.
How to remove "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts" from your blog

To finally remove these items, you just add some new CSS codes to your BlogSpot template.
To remove "Older Posts" add:
#blog-pager-older-link {
float: right;
To remove "Newer Posts" add:

#blog-pager-older-link {
float: right;}
Or to remove both of them and the "Home" link that appears in between them, add:

#blog-pager {
display: none;

How to customize the "Newer Posts" and "Older Posts.
To customizing these links look is very similar, you just add the same codes, except instead of display: none;

you need to use the CSS code for the influence you want.   For specimen, to make the text bigger and bold, you might use rules like
font-size: 150%;
font-weight: bold;
You need to place these commands within the curly  brackets, wherever the display: none; is currently - certify that every element includes a semi-colon at the top of it.   It makes the code easier to read if every element is on a replacement line, however this is not necessary.

Another option is to swap the "float" commands around to place "older posts" on the left and "newer posts" on the correct. 
You can also use background images and colours, with elements like:
background-image:url('YOUR IMAGE URL');
That’s all.
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