How to remove or delete "home" link below blogger post?

This BlogSpot tutorial design show you, How to remove or permanently delete the “Home” link that appears below the posts in your BlogSpot blog.

If you use Blogger platform, you must have seen the Home link between Older and Newer post links in the blogger pagination area.

This link to the home page is really a navigational service, and may help your blog readers to quickly go to the homepage, but to most of the bloggers, it is hopeless and annoying, and they habitually want to conceal it or remove it completely from the template CSS codes.

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Hiding the “Home” link with CSS

You may have read huge online tutorials about removing that link from your Blogger template, but that is not removing, that’s hitting. But its easier then removing the link from the template.

If you want to just hide of that link anyway without mining deep into the code, add the following code to the CSS of your blogger template and save the changes.

.home-link { display: none; }

Now you still have the “Home” link in your blogger template but it will stop appearing due to the above CSS code.

Permanently delete “Home” link from Blogger template:

Now the link to your blog homepage, still available. If you are centering on limiting the number of links on your blog posts and pages, you may care about removing this link, as we already have the link to the homepage in the logo or the header section.

If you are relaxed with coding, here is how to removing the home link permanently.

Just search “home-link” in your blogger template by press CTRL+F. Remove all the entities beginning with

<a class='home-link'

blogspot tutorial 2017

From the template and save the changes.

That’s all. You’ve successfully removed the “Home link” from below the posts in your blog.
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<a href="" title=" Blogger Blog Tips and Tricks">
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Blogger Blog Tips and Tricks

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